Sprachklasse (2A)

Fächerübergreifendes Projekt in Englisch, Biologie und Geographie

In the 2nd week of May, Class 2A learned about the tropical rainforests. Our pupils gained an understanding of the tropical rainforest system and about where the rainforests are. They learned about a few of the innumerable interesting plants and animals and in which of the four layers they live. They were informed about the ongoing destruction of the rainforests and the consequences for wildlife and the climate. Our pupils also found out that we use many things in our everyday lives that are to do with the rainforest, and they also had a very practical instruction by snacking some food that grows there.

Maga. Brigitte Exel-Lenger

Maga. Erna Aslan-Schümatschek

Maga. Anna Hoffmann